RigCLOUD LiveOps™

RigCLOUD LiveOps gives you the context of current rig operation in real time and provides all relevant data and
visualizations in a single place for quick decision making.

Multi-Rig Contextual Dashboard

Operations on all your rigs, at a glance

Operations-Specific Dashboard 

Maximum resolution view of rig activities


Widget Apps

Create custom dashboards combining high-frequency measurements, streaming analytics and contextual information covering operations KPIs, rig performance, drilling parameter selection,  hole condition monitoring, wellbore placement, etc.

RigCLOUD Metrics™

Powerful, simple to use, tools to understand historical data using interactive business intelligence analytics

Measure Performance

Interactive multi-well KPI dashboards

Detailed Reports

Deep dive into every operation across offset wells on any number of rigs

Personalized Experience

Create your own interactive analytic dashboards and reports

Operations-specific visualizations

Intuitive dashboards and KPI’s to address your well construction analytical needs and help you realize optimal performance

Fully customizable dashboards

Create visualizations on the fly with the help of out-of-the-box templates and KPI’s

Work with a Digital Operations engineer

Discover and create solutions that are tailored to your needs

Digital Solutions for Faster, Safer and SMARTER Drilling