Make informed drilling decisions based on quality data and keep track of operations while monitoring safety-critical
parameters. Stay connected anywhere with real-time data on the web or mobile devices.

Rig Operations Support

Comprehensive solutions
include: Electronic Drilling
Recorder (EDR), Pit Volume
Totalizer (PVT), gas detection,
operations reporting and remote

High Fidelity Drilling Data

Best-in-class sensors and
processing software to ensure
quality, reliability and resolution
of real-time measurements

Versatile Data Acquisition

Connect to any sensor or rig
system through standard industrial protocols or custom interfaces

RigCLOUD Gateway

Consume high-resolution data using industry standard WITS/WITSML or your preferred protocolat the rig or data center

Performance Tracking

Manage rig and crew
performance with automated
daily and comprehensive end-of-
well KPI reports

Remote Visualization

Stay connected to the operation
at rig site in real time from any

Smarter, safer operations

Manage well construction operations, ensure safety and drive performance with integrated digital workflows

Stay close to the field,
wherever you go

Go beyond remote monitoring and collaborate with your team at the rig site. Our platform seamlessly connects apps and users no matter where they are.

Dedicated to keeping your operations running

Our team of technical professionals is your resource to assist around-the-clock at the rig site or remotely.

Digital Solutions for Faster, Safer and Smarter Drilling